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Marshalls ‘Permeable Block Paving’ (The ‘Priora’ range)

This is a permeable paving solution for use in Sustainable Drainage Sytems (SuDS) and schemes which allows water to quickly drain into the sub-base then slowly into the ground, therefore reducing the ‘run off’ and the amount of potential local flooding.

‘Priora’ block paving does not need planning permission!

These blocks are available in most of the non-permeable equivalent range of products – Drivesett Argent & Tegula as well as Driveline.

This system allows a slow release of surface water back into the environment by a process known as attenuation. Modern drains and sewers by-pass this natural process, denying the ground the opportunity to soak up much of that water. Permeable paving and SuDS redresses the balance, allowing the ground to naturally absorb, store and gradually release the collected water in a controlled manner – much like a huge soakaway.

See our Case Studies Page, click on Commercial Case Studies and look for the Priora & Suds page for more details – these are used both commercially and domestically

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