Breakdowns are an unfortunate fact of life that none of us really want.

If your plant breaks down or you have too large a work load for your current assets it could mean a loss of a contract or inability to finish off a job.

If this is the case do not despair, help is at hand. With a range of Paver machines and rollers we are able to provide operated surfacing plant and laying gangs as required.

Even with very short notice we are able to provide you with a price and availability, simply ring Jimmy on 07968 561815 or contact the office.

Our Fleet

Raybell & Sons (Surfacing) Ltd. have an extensive array of plant equipment and pavers. We hire out our pavers to local authorities, county councils and road surfacing contractors throughout the Midlands and Greater London areas. We offer operated plant hire services.

Our fleet consists of:-

  • Bitelli BB650 Paver
  • Mini Paver
  • Bomag 80 Roller
  • Bomag 120 Roller
  • Bomag 135 Roller
  • Complete Tarmac Package (Plant and Labour) or Labour only

If you are looking to hire a paver or some plant machinery, please Contact Us to discuss availability and rates.

Contact Us

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